1) What is PaperIBC?
It is constructed of multiply corrugated fiberboard or commonly known as bag in box. The major components are the corrugated box, single wall self lock top cover and a cassette with 2 ply PE Liner with a 2” BSP inlet and outlet fitments.

2) What is the capacity of PaperIBC?
It can store up to 1000liters or 265gals.

3) What are the products it can be used for?
It is ideal for most NON HAZARDOUS liquid products.

4) How high can I stack?
You can stack filled PaperIBCs 3 High for storage and 2 High for transportation.

5) How many can it fit into an ocean container?
20 PaperIBCs can fit into a 20 ft container as long as you adhered strictly to international shipping regulations.

5) What’s the filling temperature it can hold?
The maximum filling temperature should not exceed 70 degree Celsius.

6) Will operators require special training for the assembly?
PaperIBC is very easy to set up and require no special training. Our representative will be on site to demonstrate the various methods of assembly or you can visit our website for more info.

7) Will we need special filling equipment or modifications to our plant?
You will need to make some modifications to the existing equipment to adapt to PaperIBC. We will recommend some filling methods and auxiliary equipment and the customers will have to make the final decisions taking into consideration the operational safety procedures.

8) What are the benefits of PaperIBCs as compared to conventional methods?
We can summarize into the following benefits:

SPace Savings
  Assembly is Easy
  Protect your products
  Environmental Friendly
  Reduces Handling Costs
  Ideal for Bulk Liquid Products
  Better Compression Strength
  Costs Effective

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