Company Profile

Over the years, the bulk liquid packaging market has evolutionized to meet the customer demands. In view of the increasing global warming and the steel prices, customers are looking for a more effective and efficient low cost shipping methods. As a result, the founder of TriPak has introduced a new way for bulk liquid storage to replace the traditional ways of filling, packaging, handling and transporting.

TriPak and Jiing Shin, the manufacturer of PAPERIBC, formed a strategic collaboration to brand PAPERIBC the leading bulk liquid packaging system to the global market. Moving ahead with Jiing Shin innovative manufacturing capabilities and R&D innovations, we will continue to be a reliable supplier. Coupled with TriPak experienced in the packaging industry, we are in the pursuit of our vision to be the leading brand for PAPERIBC. To meet the dynamic challenges ahead, we will strive to create value to our customers offering a combination of total cost benefits and increased in performance efficiency.

Through our international networks, supportive customers and reliable suppliers, we hope to be a responsible company to protect the environment and the community at large.

It is not what we do; It is how we do it. And the results are enhanced performance, convenience and total cost benefits.

PAPERIBC strives to be the most cost effective and efficient one way disposable bag-in-box bulk liquid packaging system.

Our Vision

To make PAPERIBC the leading brand in the bulk packaging segment. Incorporating innovational & cutting edge ideas to propel the industry to greater heights of professionalism and service for our customers.

Our Values

• Professional
• Integrity
• Service Quality
• Customer Friendly
• Timely

Our Mission

TriPak aims to be a professional organization to be a leading light in an industry that will revolutionize the way we handle packing, shipping, storage and distribution of non flammable liquid products . That is environmentally friendly to the community at large and cost effective for our clients.

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